Processes and their place in Management Systems

The management system standards currently makes more reference to processes than they do procedures. This is because with modern software which utilises workflows and automated machines often a process can be controlled automatically without relying on people and procedures, but what if you don’t have fancy software controlling your processes. Do you still need procedures or can you use processes?

ISO 9001 in 25 steps

There’s quite a bit of sorcery surrounding ISO 9001 and it’s often consultants who proliferate that view, but we’re going to provide the simplest explanation of what you have to do to comply with ISO 9001 in as few words as possible.

Action Register

In March 2013 Rob Kellock Business Consulting launched an Action Register which became the backbone to many Management Systems delivered to its smaller customers. The register allows all findings whether from complaints, audits, observations or opportunities for improvement to be registered, risk assessed and prioritised. It provides rules to manage Read more…