Mission Objectives Goals and Targets

Objectives Workshop

Many of our clients have specific business goals, aims and objectives. So why, as soon as we start talking about management system objectives, do business leaders switch off?

Management system objectives should include the business objectives.  The ISO management system standards aim to get leaders to engage with the management system and carefully consider the business’ direction rather than just setting the next financial or growth target.

This workshop article aims to help you hone your objective setting skills.

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Open for Auditing

The management of certification audits

Since 1992 I’ve been audited to a range of standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 17025 (sometimes for management systems I developed and sometimes for systems that were thrust upon me). I have conducted factory audits for product marking schemes, certification audits, internal audits and 2nd party audits and over the years I’ve learnt some techniques which I thought may assist you.

I believe there are two alternate approaches to audit management. Both have merit, but the one you choose is dependent on your situation. The ‘lock-down’ approach tends to be adopted where persons are uncomfortable with the audit situation or where the management systems is immature, while the open approach is synonymous with optimising. Read on to find out which approach you should take. Read article

Hire Management Consultant

Why use ISO management systems consultant services

Hire Management Consultant

Hire a management consultant to add value, save time and money

Do you understand the benefits of hiring a management systems consultant and can you justify not using internal resource?  “Why should I hire you?” is also a question we have to answer on a regular basis. As such I thought it would be useful to document what I see as the major benefits of using a management systems consultant.

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