Trello for managing Complaints, Non-conformances & Improvements

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Trello is not a new program, but it was initially conceived of for managing projects and project related tasks. The product has moved on since this and now can be used as a tool for managing complaints, non-conformances and improvements.


Each complaint, non-conformance or improvement you raise will be a separate card. Each card will transition through multiple lists, which for complaints and conformance issues could be for example:

  • Initiate – details of issue
  • Investigate – root cause analysis
  • Define action – what will be done by who
  • Close – what was done
  • Verify – did it effectively address the root causes

Risk can be used to prioritise cards using labels. Cards can be assigned to individuals or groups and the person raising the card can see its progress to closure.

Admins can reassign cards which have been incorrectly assigned or are not going to be progressed by the nominated person (assuming they aren’t able to reassign them themselves).

A full audit trail of who did what to which cards is maintained and can easily be reported on.

Attachments can be added to cards so pictures of issues and their resolution can be retained.

And there’s more

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Trello can be used to effectively manage improvement projects, is great for keeping track of the assign tasks and can even be used to capture routine information, such as Workplace Inspections using the Calendar to create a new card based at a set frequency. It’s also mobile device compatible via iOS and Android Apps.


The best part is that Trello is free for their basic package and then a reasonable cost for the Business Class application – $10 AUD/per month per user on the annual plan at the time of writing this.

We can help

If you would like help setting up Trello to support your management system, contact us.


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