Managing Workloads

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I love this video. It has so much to say and so many lessons for managing workloads in the workplace.

What about:
1. If you are struggling under your burden, you need to say something. Don’t expect people to notice.
2. A good manager makes sure that workloads are evenly and fairly distributed. You struggling is more an indication of your manager’s capability than yours.
3. Sometimes it takes someone external (even a clown) to point out the obvious. This is a great one for a consultants like us. ??

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The reasons companies engage consultants is generally because they don’t have the time or skills to undertake the task themselves. They are effectively managing workloads. A consultant has the added benefit of bringing class leading skills and a fresh outlook that can challenge even the most entrenched processes.

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A word from the Managing Director: “We aim to establish long term, mutually beneficial working relationships, helping organisations grow and avoid the pitfalls that many fall into. Too many organisations feel their certification is a burden. We want to help organisations realise the benefits of effective management systems and certification”


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