ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Why ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems?

The ISO 9001 quality management systems standard is designed for managing the quality of products, services, and processes for any business, of any size, working in any sector.  There are more than a million companies and organisations across the world certified to ISO 9001. Analysis of companies certified to this internationally recognised standard has shown they grow faster and do better than their competitors.  This standard aims to keep your products and services aligned with your customer’s requirements. For this reason, certification to this standard is often the first purchasing requirement suppliers have to meet.

Focus of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

The quality management standard focuses on:

  • management leadership
  • converting business strategy into tangible objectives and targets
  • customer satisfaction
  • managing your business processes
  • monitoring and measuring performance and improving those results

How we can help

RKBC can guide you through the process of developing a quality management system and support you through to certification and beyond. The management systems we deliver are tailored to incorporate your existing compliant processes and meet your requirements as well as those of the standards.  We develop comprehensive management systems that are industry best-practice, easy to maintain, and include all the documents and tools you need to make it work for you.  

Benefits of our Management Systems

Your finished quality management system will provide:

  • control over your documentation
  • a system that is scalable and can grow as you do
  • best-practice management system which is easy to manage and maintain
  • a location to store your business knowledge and your records
  • a framework against which you can measure performance and hold people accountable
  • guidance and training material for your workers
  • a clear path for your organisation’s evolution and growth
  • a system that can easily be extended to include safety management or environmental management

Business Benefits

A certified quality management system will:

  • open doors to new markets such as local government and top-tier contractors,
  • give your customers confidence in your ability to supply,
  • gain the confidence to work on your business rather than in it,
  • create a tangible and saleable asset rather than a liability.

Our process

In short our process consists of the following steps which are undertaken at your preferred pace.

  1. understanding what you already have and what you need
  2. custom design of your management system
  3. implementation during which we provide training and support
  4. internal audit
  5. management review
  6. certification

For more details about this process read the certification process.

On going support

We provide any ongoing support our clients need.  Some examples of the additional services we can provide include:

  • internal or 2nd party audits
  • facilitating management reviews
  • process re-engineering
  • system extension
  • tendering support
  • guidance regarding software solutions
  • cloud hosting of your management system (including SharePoint, dedicated GRC software and more)
  • remote data capture solutions.

Contact us

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Not yet ready to engage with us, then read ISO 9001 in 25 steps. This guide will help you prepare for ISO 9001 and remember, every step you take is work we don’t have to do.

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