Automatically Index your Management System

Many of RKBC’s smaller customers do not want to invest in expensive document management systems and instead choose to host their management system on an open network, but this is not without its problems.

How do you remember if you’ve edited the content of your system? How do you know if you or someone else has intentionally or accidentally deleted some of your content? What about if someone added something to the system without discussing it first? These are all questions which could result in an audit non-conformance if you can’t provide assurance that you system is appropriately managed.

RKBC has the solution in the Auto-Indexer.

Place the Auto-Indexer in the route of the file system and it provides a searchable, filterable (is that a word) and hyperlinked index to your management system for all users. Administrators however, can use the password protected functions within the application to audit the management system, identify any content changes, what has been added and what has been removed. The application then keeps a history of decisions made and who made them. Choose to reject or accept changes to the system, to add or reject new content and the system will record all historical changes against the Administrators Username automatically.

Some of your system content may be dynamic and always changing such as registers. No problem, the Auto-Indexer can be configured to ignore modifications to certain file types.

How do you get your hands on the Auto-Indexer? It’s easy become a customer of RKBC today.

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