5 reasons why you should use a consultant for Internal Auditor Training

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Most people tend to believe that Certification Bodies provide the only suitable Internal Auditor training, but you might find you get a better service using a Consultant. Did you know anyone deemed competent on the basis of knowledge and experience can provide internal auditor training? Here’s why you should consider using a Consultant:

  1. Cost – Consultants tend to charge a standard day rate for the work they do whereas Certification Bodies don’t generally have full-time trainers so they outsource to Consultants and then add their mark up (which can be significant).
  2. Real World Knowledge – A Certification Body will teach you what you need to do to meet the requirements of the standard, with the Consultants they use delivering the Certification Body’s own training program. A Consultant will teach what you need to do and the best approach for your organisation, and he’s free to vary the program to suit the customer.
  3. Experience – Consultants have generally seen both sides of the fence, for multiple organisations and continue to work in the field and so are abreast of technological changes and industrial trends. Trainer’s for Certification Bodies often tend to specialise in training and that can mean they loose touch with the workplace.
  4. Flexibility – Certification Bodies have always provided training face-to-face, but are increasingly using online training services. They offer fixed courses with fixed durations, and are only willing to vary those courses for large customers. Despite this, there is no standard for internal auditing training and a Consultant can easily vary their delivery to suit the customer and still provide training which meets the requirements of the standard. A Consultant could spend an hour with you, a day or a week, depending on how much or little guidance and support you require.
  5. Accessibility – Trainers are often contractually bound to prevent them working directly for their delegates and once the training is complete, you’ll generally be expected to go back to the Certification Body for any further enquiries. A Consultant can continue to serve their customer for as long as the customer wants them to and so the relationship established during training can continue for as long as the customer wants it to.

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