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Despite there being great tools out there businesses continue to use applications such as MS Office to manage much of their businesses processes, and for good reasons.

MS Office started making serious inroads into most businesses in the 90s and now most people have used it most of or all of their working life. This familiarity results in high use and product success and as a result we’ve seen the likes of Excel, Word and Outlook continue to evolve while maintaining a familiar format. One of the biggest hurdles in new software adoption is getting people away from familiar tools and into new applications and I’m sure Microsoft is hoping that with Sharepoint they’ll be able to do just that.

So why will getting users to adopt Sharepoint be easier?

  1. Microsoft is now bundling Sharepoint as part of the MS Office Business package, so it’s part of the standard business toolset of every company using MS Office. Businesses are already paying for it so why wouldn’t they use it.
  2. Sharepoint was the domain of programmers, but with Microsoft’s continued development of the tool and the advent of applications such as Microsoft Forms, Flow and Power Apps setting it up is now being placed in the hands of the end user.
  3. With MS pumping plenty of development dollars into Sharepoint it’ll only get better and stronger and with time users will become as familiar with it as Excel or Word.

So why would I use it for hosting my management system?

Sharepoint natively has some great features which can be used to assist with managing your system:

  • It can host a range of content including documents, pictures, task lists, registers, records.
  • Management System content is controlled with change records and historical versions of documents maintained.
  • Workflows can be established to assist or enforce process alignment.
  • Provides a document approval workflow out of the box.
  • It can be used to share selected content with external stakeholders while it can prevent other content from being shared at all (*using Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)).
  • It can provide content via mobile devices.
  • It provides document collaboration support.
  • Can provide offline content with online synchronisation.

Interested in setting up your Management System in Sharepoint? Give us a call. We can support any size of business in establishing Sharepoint as their management system host.


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