Relevant Australian Certification and Accreditation Authorities

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Resources for those seeking Certification or Accreditation (General and NSW) 

For Management System Certification to Australian and International Standards see the JAS ANZ register of Accredited Bodies

JAS-ANZ website

For further advice on JAS ANZ certification and a list of Certification Bodies 

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For NSW Government Procurement you now need your system to be audited and certified by a JAS/ANZ auditor (someone who audits for Certification Bodies).

Federal Safety Commission Accreditation for Federally funded construction projects over $3million.

For laboratory accreditation contact

If you need assistance in achieving any of the above do not hesitate to contact us


A word from the Managing Director: “We aim to establish long term, mutually beneficial working relationships, helping organisations grow and avoid the pitfalls that many fall into. Too many organisations feel their certification is a burden. We want to help organisations realise the business benefits of certification apart from meeting a statutory or customer requirement”