Is ISO 45001 replacing AS 4801

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Despite there being little commitment to actually state it, ISO 45001 adopted by Australia in March 2018 will replace AS 4801.

There seems to be a mixed message about how likely AS 4801’s withdrawal is. Well it will happen and I believe it will happen around 2021 which is the allowed transition period for the mandatory transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.

So why haven’t the Australian authorities provided the same clarity for AS 4801 as they have for OHSAS 18001? Well that’s simple – there’s a large amount of legislation and government guidance material written around AS 4801 and they aren’t committing to get it all updated by 2021, but its eventual replacement is inevitable. Exactly when AS 4801 will be formally withdrawn is as yet unknown, but it has been superseded already.

See here:–4801-2001


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