Rob Kellock
Managing Director RKBC

Rob Kellock has been working within or under Management Systems all his working life.  As a Technician Apprentice he worked under military aviation standards.  As an engineer he worked under the ISO 9001 standard. Great management systems experience was obtained managing the quality of a laboratory compliant with ISO 17025 for Which? Magazine. After 8 years this laboratory was sold to Intertek Testing and Certification, a leader in the tightly regulated area of product certification.  This is where he gained his most valuable experience.  Auditing and developing managing systems to meet a range of standards and certification marks.  During this period he became the UK Quality and Safety Manager for 3 sites.

In 2007 Rob Kellock came to Australia working as a Management Systems Consultant and in 2008 he established the Consultancy.  RKBC has provided consultant services to a broad range of organisations :

  • seeking to gain or expand their certifications to enter new markets or gain an edge over their competitors
  • who have received adverse surveillance or re-certification audit reports
  • who have a system that has failed to bring about any benefits
  • who require flexible, experienced resources to support activities such as auditing, tendering or project management

In 2010 Rob Kellock launched this website to advertise RKBC and serve its customers.  Our resources page has many topics of interest and reference articles for our customers and our own reference. Let us know if there’s something we should be covering or you have any other feedback using the contact us page.