Contractor Prequalification

ISO 9001ISO 14001 | AS 4801 | ISO 45001 | ISO 17025Contractor Prequalification

We can support companies in achieving pre-qualification for many established preferred supplier schemes. Examples of schemes which we have experience in are:

  • NSW Procurement Guidelines (WHS and Environmental)
  • Energex
  • Telstra and Optus
  • Local Government preferred supplier schemes
  • Federal Safety Commission (FSC)

The various prequalification schemes provide a wide range of management system requirements and they all have their own specific needs (much like traditional customers).  One management system is unlikely to meet the needs of all of them, so our experience is vital in either developing a conforming system or adapting an existing system to meet the schemes needs. Our process involves conducting a gap analysis against the prequalification requirements and providing appropriate support to fill the gaps. The level of support can vary hugely depending on the system and the scheme so contact us and we’ll develop a custom solution just for you and support you through to becoming a preferred supplier.