Action Register

In March 2013 Rob Kellock Business Consulting launched an Excel based action register which became the backbone to many Management Systems delivered to its smaller customers. The register allows all findings whether from complaints, audits or opportunities for improvement to be registered, assessed and prioritised. It provides rules to manage findings, secure controlled access and is tailored to suit individual customer’s needs.

Action Register – Screen Shot

Version History

Version 1.005 – May 2019 – Enabled remote data capture via Microsoft Form

Version 1.004 – Jan 2019 – Opportunity Handling added

Version 1.003 – Jun 2015 – Hazard and Complaint handling added

Version 1.002 – Jan 2014 – Improvement of finding closure process recording with file upload added

Version 1.001 – May 2013 – Bug fixes and risk rating of findings added

Version 1.000 – Mar 2013 – Initial Version

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